The team behind Ardan1

Paul Donohoe
Paul has worked for many years in management roles on many successful banking technology implementations around the globe.
Co-Founder of Xeon Financial Services where he is the Business Development Director. Co-Founder of Strategic Teller Solutions.
He brings a deep understanding of global markets and an ability to identify delivery strategies to ensure success.

Seamus McMorrow
Seamus has more than 20 years experience in software design, development and consultancy. His experience was built up on providing
complex financial solutions successfully to clients in the UK, Croatia, Asia, and North America. Seamus is passionate about technology
and has a deep understanding of proven technology stacks.

Frainc Reid
17 years of experience designing and development of large scale banking applications all over the world (Turkey, Chile, Dubai, Canada etc,). Co-Founder of Xeon Financial Services 2007, Xeon Financial Services is a successful Irish company specializing in large scale Enterprise Banking applications. Frainc specialises in Enterprise Applications, Company Structure and Building Successful Companies.

Moises Ventura
Moises Ventura Espejo is a technical architect with 16 years of international experience in the full lifecycle of financial applications
implementations. He has experience of a wide array of emerging technologies. He has worked as a senior technical architect in banks
in the UK, North America, Central Europe and the Middle East and enjoys extensive consultancy expertise.

Gearoid Power
Gearoid is a specialist in requirements acquisition, analysis and the design of e-Business systems. Gearoid has been working in the
retail financial systems arena for the last 20 years, working in the delivery of internet banking and Teller systems as a project manager.


Jon Murua
Jon Murua Gonzales has 12 years of experience in IT. He specialises in the analysis and design of e-Business and e-Commerce systems, mainly of software architectures, and the implementation of prototypes. He has worked as a solution architect, technical architect and development manager throughout the full lifecyle of projects in the financial industry in the UK, Turkey, Chile, Spain and USA.

Raul Vera
Raul has seven years experience in retail finance, IT and the life cycle of systems implementations. In addition to his technical skills, he has excelled in team leadership and has communicated at all levels of the organizations where he has been a consultant. He has implemented baking systems such as Teller and Credit Cards in  South America and the Middle East.